SL-003    招待講演3


発表者: Nichola Rumsey(西イングランド大学)
司会者: 真覚  健(宮城大学)

Societies have been interested in‘ looks’ since records began, but currently, the emphasis on physical appearance is particularly pervasive. Messages in advertisements, programming in broadcast media and the content of social media feeds suggest to consumers that achieving
an appearance close to current ideals will open doors to‘ the good life’. For many, the value placed on outward appearance has become disproportionate to other aspects of self-esteem and self-worth and currently, more than two-thirds of young people and adults in many countries worldwide report significant levels of dissatisfaction (and for many, distress) in relation to their appearance. Research has demonstrated a broad range of negative impacts for large numbers of young people and adults in key areas of living, including psychological well-being, physical health, educational, occupational and social functioning. Researchers, health professionals, educationalists and policy makers in many countries consider that appearance dissatisfaction is now a pressing social issue. Key challenges for psychologists working in this field are to find effective ways of ameliorating this distress in individuals and also contributing to efforts to prevent the further spread of appearance dissatisfaction in the general population.


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